Cross-Border Expansion

CBA assists clients to develop and deliver their strategy for growth beyond their own markets. This is the most seminal moment in a life of a cement producer as it embarks on an ambitious and brave initiative, elevating its status from local to regional or international player. Until recently, this has been the domain of the major international cement players who have started this activity thirty or forty years ago.


Globalisation and technological evolutions have now opened this initiative to smaller, regional cement producers who have the vision to expand beyond their own borders.


It is these clients that CBA supports. CBA’s involvement in such initiatives is multi-faceted and it includes:


  • Explore with the client their vision to grow beyond their own borders
  • Define and examine investment criteria based on both the client’s capability / nature and the potential target markets’ investment attractiveness profiles
  • Provide the client with unparalleled data and insights into selected markets
  • Assessment of client’s capabilities
  • Proactively identify and present investment opportunities in targeted markets
  • Assist with funding of investment
  • Assist with implementation of investment


CBA has based this service on its extensive experience of cross-border investments in the cement sector and its international network in the global cement community. We believe there are very few markets where we don’t have an old colleague, a friend or an associate. As such, we can know who does what, where and why or who might sell or buy an asset. Bringing investment opportunities, which are not on the open market to the attention of investors, is one of our strongest capabilities.


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